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The Reserva Farm

A small forest that cultivates love for the land using Agroecology practices 


With the objective of producing biodiversity in the Northeast region, and in harmony with the environment, we seek to strengthen a conscious way of living and cultivating the land 

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Our History 

It all started with a small private organic garden owned by Belgian chef Hervé.
Given the success of small home production given the good climate and soil conditions, Hervé invited his childhood friend, Davi, to build together the dream of an agroforestry that is becoming reality. A space where we cultivate respect for the land and preserve it to guarantee life.

Permaculture in our routine 

To support our practices, we seek inspiration from the principles of syntropic agriculture, agroecology and permaculture. Whenever possible, we coordinate field activities with the lunar calendar and nature's own cycles. By relating these energies to work in the field, we achieve the nutritional quality of the food harvested.




An agroforest in the middle of the Parnaíba Delta region, in Piauí.  The farm is located on 22 hectares of land, 14 of which are dedicated to environmental protection with native trees.


Inspired by permaculture design, the areas close to the house include the vegetable garden, flowerbeds, seedling nursery, and product management and processing areas.

To support our practices, we seek inspiration from the principles of syntropic agriculture, agroecology and permaculture. 


Whenever possible, we coordinate field activities with nature's own cycles.  By relating these energies to field work, we achieve the nutritional quality of the food harvested

An agroforest in the middle of the Parnaíba Delta region, in Piauí.


Agroforestry (SAF)

The agroforestry system, in the development phase, is irrigated by the waters of the Parnaíba River and concentrates different species sharing the available resources. Soil regeneration, respect for cycles and maintenance of microfauna were the guidelines for implementing the SAF. The complex is being enriched with the planting of native species and service trees, with the aim of diversifying the consortium, generating organic matter and more biodiversity.

Soil care, observation, species management, pruning practices, are just some of the rituals carried out here, all thanks to a team of passionate people!


Regenerative agriculture 
Agroecology with agroforestry system 

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Within our Agroforest we have emerging trees with Baoba, eucalyptus, mahogany, ipe, moringa and other types of trees native to the region  


Cocoa, Coffee, Açai 

Soursop, Avocado, Figs 

Lemon, Ata, Guava,

Papaya, Coconut


Various Panc and edible flowers 


Everything produced here is closely monitored, from choosing the seed to making the products in our studio. With care and involvement in each stage of production, through agroecological practices and observation of the lunar cycle, we actively participate in the plant's development and nutrition process. 


Sow, plant and harvest

Chef Hervé Witmeur's vegetable garden

Passionate exchanges between cooks and gardeners

´´Mise en place begins on earth´´

Here at Jardim Mandala we produce mainly for restaurants and local communities.


From the garden to the plate


''Everything works fine with Bees''  

Wener Bastos 

 The Colmeia Nova project is an initiative of Bee Mel Piauí

We placed 15 bee boxes for our honey production and to help with pollonization within the farm 



From the beginning, we have invested in organic planting of acerola and moringa, plants considered superfoods due to their countless beneficial properties for the health of the body. We added turmeric to the beds and at SAF, a tuberous root known for its nutritional richness.


With 3 and a half hectares of Acerola, our small production, in addition to being certified by ibd, also meets international quality standards.  I serve the national and international market.

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MORINGA & Turmeric

These superfoods are also processed in our laboratory, generating products with high nutritional power such as pure moringa oil and turmeric powder.  both 100% Natural 

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